Baby Classes Cheshire – Globeboppers

April 3, 2023

Part One of my new spotlight on baby classes in Cheshire, Chester and Wirral. Each of these talented ladies have set up their own baby class independently (so not part of any franchise), and it’s my pleasure to introduce the first – Jo Wood, of Globeboppers.

Baby class in full flow

I first met Jo, founder of Globeboppers, when I ventured along to one of her Cheshire classes with my first baby, aged six weeks, in tow. What immediately struck me from Jo’s classes was just how refreshing they were compared with a lot of the franchised baby classes that are readily available. Jo has written all the songs herself (no re-hashing of nursery rhymes here), she has the most wonderful inclusive approach, and somehow remembers everyone’s names without name badges! I immediately felt at ease – somewhere I could have a laugh or a rant with other mums, plus I was hopefully awakening my baby to lives and cultures beyond our own.

Since then, Jo’s classes have developed a loyal fan base, and even now my eldest baby is almost eight, we will occasionally break out into a Globeboppers tune – they’re addictive! As far as worldliness goes – if all goes to plan, my kids will have visited eleven countries in 2023 (not including UK!), so I’d say that’s a success, Jo!!

I had the pleasure of taking photos at a recent Globeboppers class, as well as grilling Jo about the background and intentions of Globeboppers – so grab a cuppa, and have a read 🙂

Globeboppers puppet
storytime at Globeboppers

How did you get here – what inspired you to set up your business?
I’d had my first baby, moved back up north from London and didn’t really want to continue a career in event management. So I had a think about what I would enjoy, how could I encompass my passions of travel and music and build something that would offer flexible hours so I could still be around to be Mummy some of the time. And that was GlobeBoppers, established in 2015!

What makes your classes unique?
I’d experienced a few nationwide groups locally, and just thought they were a bit old-fashioned and didn’t really inspire me. So I tried to invent something I would enjoy and something totally away from the norm. I wanted to hold classes in more informal settings like cafes and posh pubs, where parents could socialise after class, and I didn’t want to use any nursery rhymes that I still find pretty dull – so I wrote my own, made some quirky props and off we went!

Grandad having fun with granddaughter
Mum enjoying class with baby girl

How would you like mums/dads to feel after one of your classes?
Welcomed and like they’ve achieved a day out with a baby that wasn’t too stressful. We won’t always win at parenting but we can always laugh and cry together. I also want people to feel like they are introducing their children to something that they perhaps love too. Loads of the parents that come to GlobeBoppers love to, or did love to travel. So that’s always nice too.

What have you learned from the mums and dads that attend your classes?
I was the most nervous first time Mum, I was petrified of taking my first baby to a group. I didn’t think I could attend if my baby was crying, sleeping, teething etc. They’ve taught me over the years that it’s probably not going to be as bad as you think it is, you may have a nice time, and it doesn’t matter anyway. Thankfully when my second baby came along I was much better at relaxing and going with the flow, probably thanks to GlobeBopper Mums!

Girls dancing around bubbles
Baby class singing with puppets

What’s been the best comedy moment during one of your classes?
Oh Amy! You witnessed it! The one that springs to mind was one day a few years ago at the Cheshire Cat near Chester. We’d been hopping away with the kangeroos in Australia and I looked down and suddenly saw the ribbing from my bra poking out of my top! There was nothing else to do apart from laugh it off, pull the ample wire out and show everyone (including some rather embarrassed-looking Dads that day!). These days I wear a sports bra – hahaha!

What would you like to be your superpower as a) a business-owner and b) a mum?
a) to ensure the same income every week! In this game it’s always a total unknown and that can be
hard to manage. Rain, poonamis, snow, broken cars, sick bugs…you name it anything can affect
my bottom line from one week to the next – and does!
b) As a Mum I’d like to have a consistent level of discipline. I find mine changes like the wind, depending on all sorts of reasons. How tired I am, how tired the kids are, how hormonal I am, if I want an easy life. And I think this does affect my children’s behaviours.

Handing out props at baby class
Toddler pushing globe in class

How do you see your business in five years’ time?
Wow who knows, anything could happen. But as long as I am happy and fulfilled and feeling like I’m bringing happiness to others then life will be good! Sorry I’m no Alan Sugar!

What’s your favourite way to de-stress after a busy day of classes?
Depends on the day of the week. Mid week I don’t usually de-stress, as it’s straight on to picking up kids, making tea and bedtime – which is usually more stressful than work to be honest. But on a Friday, and this may not be very healthy, but it has to be a glass of wine once the kids are down.

Lady pretending to be a rocket at baby class
Globeboppers on the moon

What’s your ideal family day out?
Somewhere warm, outside, may be on a beach, a nice pub lunch and and exploring somewhere new.

What are the best and worst pieces of advice you were given when pregnant, or shortly after you
had a baby?

Oh blimey, that’s a tricky one. I tried not to listen to too much advice and go with my instinct. However I do remember after a rather nasty episiotomy and subsequent stitching up of, the doctor telling me ‘not to strain’ when going to the loo! Of course that was a seed planted, and I was then terrified to go to the loo, in fact I think I got to day 10 without a you-know-what!

Toddler reaching for bubbles
Toddlers sitting on inflatable crocodile
The infamous Globebopper croc!

• soft play or cinema? – Cinema
• Hey Duggee or Bluey? – Bluey
• chocolate or crisps? – Ohhh that’s hard, chocolate by a whisker
• travel or stay at home? – TRAVEL! Of course
• Insta or Tiktok? – Insta (although I wish I did it less)

Mums laughing at baby class
Lady singing at baby class

Thanks so much to Jo for being so honest and hilarious with these answers! I’m proud to call Jo my pal, and to have enjoyed so many fabulous Globeboppers classes with my own two littlies.

You’ll never regret taking a trip round the world with Jo and Globeboppers – just hope her bra wire stays put!

You can find Globeboppers online here, as well as on social media: