5 Reasons Why It’s Never Too Late for Newborn Photography

October 29, 2022

Chester, Cheshire and Wirral mums – this one’s for you!

Let’s start with a confession…I’ve always been quite adamant that my photography “niche” is in-home newborn lifestyle photography. Let’s face it, those snuggly, curled-up, utterly delicious teeny babies are what everyone wants to remember, right?

But I also know the reality. The sheer overwhelm of pregnancy or becoming a new mum, perhaps a traumatic birth experience, not to mention the whole LIFE thing getting in the way. I totally get why organising a newborn photographer could easily get lost in the constant list of life admin.

So when a lovely new mum reached out to me recently about a “newborn” session for her 7-month old baby girl, I was a little hesitant. I explained that these wouldn’t be the classic, sleepy newborn shots. A 7-month old is going to be a whole lot more aware of the presence of the camera than a newborn, which changes the feel of the photoshoot entirely…

But I decided to give it a try, and tasked mum and dad with writing me a list of all the little things their daughter does that fill their hearts with joy, that make her unique and delightful and just, HER.

Then, on the day of the photoshoot, I used mum and dad’s list as a rough guide of moments to capture. A teeny bit like when you give a wedding photographer a list of “must have” shots, except these were waaay more fun.

Let me share some examples with you, alongside the corresponding item from mum and dad’s “list of joy”:

“playing with the guitar”
“cuddling stripey dinosaur”
“playing with Christmas teddy”
“biting Dad’s nose!”
“spinning her mobile”
“eating, especially strawberries!”

Can you tell that this was so much fun?! We got to be so creative, and at the same time make photos entirely bespoke to this little one’s blossoming individuality.

I’ll add some more general photos below, so you get an overall feel of the shoot, but in the meantime, here are 5 reasons why it’s never to late to get round to that newborn photoshoot:

  1. Older babies have so much personality, even at just a few months old.
  2. Everyone is a little less dazed and with-it compared to the newborn hazey stage…
  3. Those smiles, those giggles – oh we will milk these (pardon the pun!)
  4. Siblings are more likely to engage with an older baby than a milk-drunk newborn…

Because it’s these tiny little things that we want, we need to capture. As blimey, they don’t last long before they vanish for ever, replaced by new, constantly-evolving idiosyncrasies. And that is entirely the joy of parenthood, that there is always something new to marvel over. But it also makes it so easy to forget the little things that once were the normal day-to-day.


So, if life got in the way and you missed out on in-home newborn photos in the first few weeks of baby’s life, and you live in or around Cheshire or Wirral, please reach out and let’s see if we can capture your baby’s “list of joy” – it would be awesome to hear from you 🙂


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