1. What even is newborn lifestyle photography?

Great question. Lifestyle photography is a much more natural, baby-led style of photography than the more staged, studio-based newborn photos you've probably come across. Newborn lifestyle photography is gaining popularity in the UK, however if you prefer your baby swaddled in a bucket and wearing bunny ears, then I'm probably not your ideal photographer..!

My photos highlight the connection between the whole family, and to achieve this I will use some gentle prompts to guide you. Lifestyle photography is the middle ground between posed portraits and fly-on-the-wall documentary-style images (i.e. where no prompts are given whatsoever), and is the style I feel creates the most genuine and emotive images.

2. Why in my home?

Your home is pretty special. It's where the overwhelming majority of your kids' memories will be made, and it's where all the everyday magic happens, from endless nights to first steps and everything in-between. And even if you don't feel it's photogenic, I promise I can make beautiful photos in even the tiniest, most cluttered of homes. I only use natural light, no flashes, so when I first arrive I will have a little nosey around to see where the prettiest light is lurking, and will happily move clutter and furniture to make it happen. I do not expect your house to be spotless - you'll have just popped out a baby for goodness' sake!


3. How does pricing work?

To book the session, I ask for a "session fee" of £95. This covers full support leading up to the shoot including a phone chat a few weeks before due date (eek!), PDF of what to expect and what to wear, and the shoot itself (approximately two hours). (Please note the session fee does not include any images - read on!)

Then within three weeks of completing the shoot, I send you your online digital gallery, from which you can purchase exactly what you love, be that digital downloads, wall art, or a combination of the two.

Please contact me here for my current prices.

4. I'm worried about my older kids - they never smile for the camera!

Good! For 95% of the photoshoot I will not want any of you looking at the camera! My aim is to create more candid, connected shots, not staged smiles. I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to get kids of any age involved and interacting.

I've actually written a blog all about newborn photoshoots with older siblings, read it here.

5. When do shoots take place?

My newborn shoots mostly take place on midweek mornings, or at weekends if needed, and generally take around two hours, although I'm in no rush. I aim to squeeze the shoot in within the first two weeks of your baby's arrival, as they will still be scrunched up and squidgy (I can't get enough of the peely finger skin!), plus they tend (!) to be mostly feeding or sleeping at this stage! Having said that, it's never too late for newborn photos at home (see Question 8!).

6. What should we wear?!

I will send a comprehensive guide out to you prior to the shoot, which includes a styling guide, as this as this can make such a dramatic difference to the cohesion in your images. I also ring for a chat a couple of weeks before due date, where we can clarify any outfit queries (and get to know each other a bit more too!).

7. I've noticed you feature quite a lot of images of breastfeeding mums, but I intend to bottle-feed - are we still a good fit?

Absolutely. There will be zero judgement from me! Whatever makes your family happiest is 100% the right way to do things, and I'll be there to document whichever route you choose.

8. I missed out on capturing the newborn stage - can we still have photos with an older baby?

Ooh yes, totally. Photographing older babies is very different to newborns, but a whole heap of fun - have a read of this blog post and you'll see what kind of thing we get up to!


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