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May 17, 2023

The third part in my series spotlighting baby classes in Cheshire, Chester and Wirral! Each of these talented ladies have set up their own baby classes independently (so not part of any franchise), so I’m delighted to introduce Steph, owner and creator of Baby Club Cheshire…

Steph and I hail from the same part of the UK – the glorious northeast, so when I sat down for a cuppa and a chat my accent automatically reverted to default Geordie mode! Steph is one of those people that never seem to stop smiling, no matter what life (or a baby class!) throws at them. Attending one of her classes to take photos, I was amazed at how chilled and mesmerised the babies were during their massages, and it was wonderful to see the bonds developing between babies and parents, right in front of my eyes.

Take a minute to find out what Steph had to say about her sessions, and don’t forget to check out my other blog posts on local baby classes too!

Baby looking at mum
Baby having massage

How did you get here – what inspired you to set up your business?

I was inspired to start Baby Club after moving to Cheshire from Liverpool in the middle of lockdown with my two baby girls, not knowing anyone and missing that connection of meeting other mums in groups and that support. I did baby massage with both my little girls when they were newborn and it still fills me with the happiest memories. I wanted to bring mums and babies together, along with other caregivers, dads siblings etc and create a space that was really welcoming, supportive and gentle, and help families make lovely memories with their babies. I wanted my classes to be truly inclusive, and open to all babies and children, creating a welcoming space to make memories for all.

Having fun at Baby Club
Steph doing baby yoga

What makes your classes unique?

I really like to make my classes feel like an experience, in our baby massage and craft classes I like to aim for the spa feel, down to the fluffy robes, pillows, aromatherapy oils and lighting, everything is designed to make both mums and babies feel like they are having some real unwinding time. I think the personalised crafts give parents something to take away and cherish. I like to take lots of photos during the classes to share with parents as I know in my own experience, my class pictures are some of the only ones I have with me and my babies – I was always behind the camera taking pictures otherwise!

How would you like mums/dads to feel after one of your classes?

Relaxed, empowered, with their hearts full. I like them to feel like they really shared a moment with their babies.

Steph taking photo of babies
Mum blowing up bubble

What have you learned from the mums and dads that attend your classes?

The power of human connection – I get so much out of all of our lovely conversations, and the things they share with me about their babies or how their week has been, it makes me so happy to do this job, its so rewarding to be around all of these wonderful parents and babies.

What’s been the best comedy moment during one of your classes?

Probably a messy play moment… we play with lots of funny things in our yoga classes and story, craft and messy play classes… I cant think of one in particular but probably involving stomping in jelly, or having that first taste of lemon and the funny faces!

Babies enjoying massage
Baby giggling with mum

What would you like to be your superpower as a) a business-owner and b) a mum?

Have an 8th day in the week, I feel like my life would really benefit from an extra day to fit everything in!

How do you see your business in five years’ time?

I hope that people continue to come to and enjoy my classes and we continue to grow into new areas. I have some very exciting news involving Makaton which I will be sharing with you all soon!

Massaging baby's face
Massaging baby's toes

What’s your favourite way to de-stress after a busy day of classes?

Currently… raiding the easter egg stash!

What’s your ideal family day out?

Can I say Disneyland? We are all Disney OBSESSED and currently planning our next trip!

Baby doing yoga stance
Baby yoga class

What are the best and worst pieces of advice you were given when pregnant, or shortly after you had a baby?

Learn how to say no – no to visitors, no to places you’re not ready to go and things you don’t want to do… stay and snuggle on the sofa, don’t worry about the housework, just relax and find the joy in every day.


· soft play or cinema? cinema

· Hey Duggee or Bluey? duggee

· chocolate or crisps? chocolate

· travel or stay at home? Home

· Insta or Tiktok? I am loving tik tok at the mo!

Baby with bubbles and jelly
Baby enjoying massage
Massaging baby leg

Thankyou Steph for answering my questions so honestly – I can’t stress enough how destressing one of her Baby Club classes is for both you and your baby! You can contact Steph via the Baby Club website here, or on social media: