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Newborn at home

In-home Newborn Photographer Cheshire

Capturing natural, real and connective family moments, in your own home

Photographing newborns in Chester, Cheshire, North Wales, Wirral and North Shropshire

sleepy newborn baby
dad and newborn baby

Hello, you!

In search of a talented newborn photographer in Cheshire, Chester or Wirral? Look no further!

I imagine life is a bit of a whirl just now with midwife appointments, antenatal classes, car seat shopping and well, actually growing a real life baby...!

And I'm sure everybody is telling you that things are about to get a whole lot more hectic...but rest assured, it's the best kind of hectic.

Those first few weeks with a newborn are going to whizz by in a sleepless, relentless, unfathomable but entirely entrancing h a z e.

mum and newborn baby
newborn baby toes
family at home overhead

That's where I come in.

Quite Literally!

lowering newborn into basket
changing newborn

I come to your home to take connective, meaningful family images, exactly where the magic of everyday happens.

newborn family photo

I capture the snuggles, the feeds, the milk drunkness, the nappy changes, the cries, the yawns (not just baby's!), the "did we make this?!" glances...

For a couple of hours, I get to soak up some of your baby wonder (and hear allll the birth deets), while you get to switch off any distractions (those jobs can wait) and bask in the glory of this brand spanking new family you just created.

hungry newborn breastfeeding
burping baby
newborn baby and mum

Yep, Mama, You'll be featuring too!

I totally get why that might not feel entirely comfortable, but I promise not to make it awkward, and remember - these images will be cherished by your kids as much as you, so embrace it - you're going to do just great.

newborn with siblings

The kids will be grand...

If you have older kids, they will be adjusting to life with a baby too and of course the last thing they will want to do is sit for photos. Fret not - I'm an expert at making the experience fun and I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve! Please note - I am not here to judge your parenting or your kids, and can assure you I will have seen worse behaviour (probably from my own two!)!

feeding baby

Your home is more perfect than any studio

Because it's yours, and only yours.

I can move clutter, and I will probably move furniture too! Don't feel your home has beautiful light? Honestly, as long as you have a window and a door, we can make beautiful images together.

newborn and brothers


Amy was amazing! She made the whole shoot fun for all involved! The children in particular she was able to engage with and make the posing fun and natural-they loved it! We had a vague idea of what sort of photos we were looking for, but Amy’s creativity and skill went above and beyond this, capturing some gorgeous photos, that were natural and a true reflection of our family.

I cannot recommend Amy enough for newborn and family photo shoot experiences, the shoot itself becomes a memory too, not simply the photos she captures -

thank you so much!!

newborn and boys family


Katherine, mum of three

newborn wall art

wall art

If you're anything like me, you're probably very guilty of never getting round to printing images. I get it.

Which print lab? What size? Which frame?

Trying to get round to it with a newborn?

Exactly not what you need.

Choose one of the images we've made, and I will transform it into timeless wall art.


(Of course, if you prefer just digitals, that's fine too - but there's something pretty magical about having a stunning slice of what you created up on the wall, don't you think? Plus it's on fancy paper that lasts over 100 years!)

What next?

Newborn baby with blanket

If all of this sounds right up your street,

click here to get in touch. We can discuss dates, details, and book you a spot in my calendar.

I only take a limited number of bookings per month because, well, newborns don't tend to read the script..! So the sooner you reach out, the better!

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